Jigneshkumar Patel

Senior instrument commissioning technician
  • Umbhrat, Navsari, Navsari, Gujarat, India
  • Oil & Gas and Energy
  • Member Since, June 20, 2020

About Jigneshkumar Patel

  • Academic Level Bachelor Degree Diploma
  • Age 33 - 37 Years
  • Gender Male
  • Languages English

About me

Having 12+ Years’ Experience in Offshore, Onshore Maintenance, Commissioning & Pre-Commissioning, start-up Projects Activities. Hot cut over in Plants of Refineries, Oil/gas, Chemicals and Petrochemicals. To be The Part of an organisation which uses my Skill and Expertise in Its Process of Growth and Change while giving me Opportunities to Learn and Enrich my Competencies. Always Think Safety before starting any job works in full Compliance with The Health Safety and Environment Procedures of the Organization.


5+ years experience as Instrument Commissioning Engineer / Senior Instrument Commissioning Technician in oil & gas industries Office Web Apps Server Photoshop TCP/ IP models


  • National institute of management engineering studies July 2003

    Diploma in instrumentation and control Eng.

    I have completed diploma in regular basis,


  • Total E&P, Qatar Halul offshore 2019 - 2020

    Senior Instrument Commissioning Technician

    • Pre-commissioning, Testing and Commissioning, Start-up and operation and maintenance on the systems and modules such as: Fire & Gas(FGS), Safety Instrumented System (SIS), Emergency Shutdown (ESD), Process Control System (PCS), • Instrument Loops testing, function test, Calibration And Commissioning Activates in process area instrument like Transmitter (Yokogawa, Rosemount ) Control Valve with Fisher DVC 6000F Series Positional & Metso & Siemens Positioner, SOV, ESDV, ON/OFF Valve, Thermocouple, RTD, Familiar with 475 Field Communicator. I was working in FGS,ESD,DCS, Vibration & Temperature system(3500 Bentley Nevada). • Perform Instrumentation preventative maintenance on various manufacturing equipment, PLCs, control networks, DCS system, • Understanding of networks including Ethernet, Modbus, ProfiBus, • Perform hardware and software integration and configure system instrument databases, control system custom HMI graphics and reports utilizing C200/C300, Experion PKS, Allen Bradley/Rockwell PLC-5 and ControlLogix, process control networks including Universal Control Network, Ethernet, Local Control Networks, and relational databases, • Provide hands-on technical leadership for installation, start-up, and maintenance of state-of-the-art process control systems, • Tested, calibrated, and documented results for a wide variety of smart electronic and pneumatic instruments. (Rosemount, Honeywell, Endess+Hauser, Fisher, Yokogawa etc.) for the measurement of Pressure, Differential Pressure, Flow, Temperature, Level, and Interface Level, • Checking and Troubleshooting of UV/IR Flame Detectors, Smoke Detectors, Heat Detector, fire and gas detectors and MCP (make- Det-tronics, Honeywell, Gent, dragger,).

  • Qatar Petroleum LAB (Seef ltd.), Qatar 2017 - 2019

    Senior Instrument Technician

    • Carried out Activities Preventive maintenance (PM), Corrective maintenance (CM) of field instruments and subsystems as per maintenance procedures. • Bentley Nevada vibration and temperature-monitoring systems (3500 series) probe installation and Calibration of probes and Monitors with TK3. • Maintenance of Recycle Gas Compressor Bently Nevada 3500 axial, redial and keyphasor vibration probe Adjustment when Compressor Shutdown. • Update, maintain records, generate reports related to the maintenance work, maintain log book, maintain master list of drawings, calibrate/test tools and test equipment, in order to enable the management to take the right decisions and thereby ensure plant reliability. • Calibration and Configuration of SMART Transmitter’s (Pressure, flow, level, Temp.) and control valves using HART Communicators. • Assist Safety personnel to carry out periodic tests on the Fire and Gas, deluge system, including the Gas detectors, flame and smoke sensors etc. • Familiar with Program logic control of Triconex for ESD and Fire & Gas system (FSC). • Knowledge of P& ID diagrams, PFD, logic and loop drawings, C&E, plant Inst. location drawing, wiring diagram, cable schedules, Inter-connection Drawing., Hook-up drawing, data-sheet review, instrument index etc. • Working on DCS systems Honeywell PKS/Experion C200 Controller • Maintenance of utility Nitrogen and Air compressor (Atlas Copco.) • Troubleshooting & Servicing of Rotork (MOV) IQ actuator. • Worked for different type of Analytical Instrument, Carried out PM Job of Analyser of mass spectrometer and gas chromatography (Honeywell GC 8000), Rosemount oxymitter 4000. • Supervise and monitor the progress of all types of routine, breakdown and planned maintenance activities, so as to minimize down time for the equipment for increased plant productivity. • Scheduling of Preventive Maintenance Spares management and time management using SAP system, work permits preparation, coordinating with production personnel.

  • Qatar petroleum, HALUL Island (Offshore), Qatar 2016 - 2017

    Senior Instrument Technician

    • Facilitate loop checking, Functional testing, Logic testing & interlock verification turbine.(DCS – GE MARK VIe) • Testing & Commissioning of Logic and Interlocks, • Troubleshooting of Instrumentation & Control related issues during cold, warm to hot start-up and turbine rolling and loading. • Functional testing and verification of on/off MOV’s( Rotork) & control valves (Masoneilan, Fisher) • Provide support for Sub-contractors of scope and the responsibilities for pre-commissioning and commissioning activities, • Provide and submit DCS spare parts lists to the Lead Commissioning Engineer. • Identification of systems and sub-systems by marking up of PFD’s and PID’s system definition • Start-up coverage support until unit stabilized. • Provide guidelines/rules/regulations regarding the use and/or access to the DCS and associated equipment, • Conducts analysis and performs troubleshooting during commissioning on the hardware of the process control system in coordination with I&C Technicians and EPC/Commissioning team. • Assisting the operation authority in plant start up Calibration, trouble shooting of process field instruments like pneumatic, electronic and smart instruments including F&G instruments like flammable gas detectors, Toxic gas detectors, Smoke detectors, Deluge systems etc. • Knowledgeable of DCS control system operation, charts and configuration, PLC operation/programming, instrument control device settings and calibrations, reading and interpreting circuit and process and instrumentation diagrams, etc. • Various types of Conventional Fire Alarm System like Smoke Detection, Heat • Coordinate with construction department by defining of priority systems according with overall construction and pre-commissioning & commissioning plan and schedule.

  • Bapco Refinary, Bahrain 2011 - 2016

    Senior Instrument Technician

    • Gained Experience in Calibration of smart Transmitter for Pressure, Differential pressure, Temperature, Level Measurement of reputable manufacturers such as Rosemount (Model 3051 C), yokogawa (EJA, EJX Series). Familiar with use and application of communicators using HART protocol (475). • Pre-Commissioning, start-up, commissioning activities, Air Compressor, DCS simulations & monitoring for loop checks, field instruments commissioning. Loop checks & its calibration. Trouble shooting during commissioning test runs and start-up co-ordination. • Involves in troubleshooting of process field instrumentation and automation faults, logic interlocks (intermediate & ESD system) • Shutdown job of commissioning of each unit calibration of preventive maintenances of trouble shooting of field Instruments. • Wellhead’s Hydraulic valves like SCSSV, SSV Valves function check. • Performing Alarm and trip Tests. • Involved for overhauling the valves and replacement of spare parts on site and test bench (masonelian, fisher, mokweld etc.) • Having experience in commissioning of instruments in test separator, gas separators, manifold, metering skid areas. • Assign for instrument pre-commissioning, Commissioning and startup Activities like calibration, loop checking, troubleshooting, logic verification and functional test, testing of instrument according to datasheet and specification, establishing good communication and safety awareness between control room and field by taking a proper permit, coordinating to the control room operator for proper execution of the job.

  • KNPC, KUWAIT 2010 - 2011

    Instrument Technician

    • Attending daily jobs allotted by the Supervisor like PM Check, Alarm and Trip Checks. • Involve in day-to-day plant maintenance. • Instrument related jobs coming up every now and then called for by the Operations Department like check and calibrate the instruments for abnormal readings, field calibration of control valves. • Participate in stand by duty to maintain 24-hour coverage with maintenance personal for the assigned operations facilities. Controller transmitters control valves and ESD valves, indicator, relay solenoids, control panels. • Shutdown activities handled. Removing & installing all types of control valve. • Well versed to calibrate & configure the SMART series Instruments with Hand held Communicator. • Calibration and testing of high-pressure transmitters and valves.

  • GASCO, ABU-DHABI 2009 - 2010

    Instrument Technician

    • Involve Installation calibration, loop checking, commissioning and Troubleshooting of Instruments with Start-up Operation. • Can work independently with P & I Diagrams, and Plant Instrument Location and wiring diagrams, Signal Cable diagrams, Loop Diagrams All supporting documents can produced as and when required. • Coordinate with the principals and main contractors for the planned jobs and brief them the proceedings. Procuring the work permits and make sure that all the safety procedures are brought in practice. • I was working has been in Instrument Loops testing, function test, Calibration and Commissioning • Maintenance and calibration of different type of pressure switches, level switches, and transmitters. • Activates in process area instrument like Transmitter, Control Valve with Fisher DVC 6000F Series Positional & Metso & Siemens Positioned, SOV, ESDV, ON/OFF Valve, Thermo couple, RTD, Familiar with 475 Field Communicator.