Fuad Valiyev

Construction;Facility Maintenance
  • Construction & Repair and Engineering
  • Member Since, August 20, 2020

About Fuad Valiyev

  • Academic Level High School Diploma
  • Age 38 - 42 Years
  • Gender Male
  • Languages AzerbaijanRussianEnglish

About me

I have experience: 
               *Construction companies;
*Facility Maintenance companies;
             *Offshore/Onshore – Oil & Gas Industry(Maintenance)
*Shipping – Vessel Electrical Engineer

*Shipbuilding-Electrical Engineer(Production)

                             *Management on construction projects- heavy equipment;hoist/lift;diesel generators
*Coordination of Maintenance Systems:
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Main Electrical , Electronic & Mechanical System; EMDP; MDP; MCC;UPS system; Fire Alarm System(smoke detector; heat detector; gas detector; flasher; red button; siren; FA panel);Diesel Generator system; Lighting system; Lighting system; Fire Fighting system ;  Control installation; Commissioning and Test.Hydraulic system; Pneumatic system; Pump system;Ventilation system;Plumbing system;Crane system;Water supply system.

Sewage system;Main Engine System , Bow Thruster , Main Thruster , Lifeboat system , Boiler system , Oil separator system , Fuel separator system, HVAC system.

(electrical,mechanical,water supply,air ventilation,fire fighting system)Maintenance systems – (Electrical , Electronic,Electrical-Mechanical & Mechanical equipment) for  Business Center;Hotels;Shopping Center;Apartments of Building;Industrial base.Engineer (electrical department) Control the work and installation the cable tray ,cables (lv & hv),electrical panels ( MDP, MCC, EDP, MDB ), water pumps,fire fighting system pumps.

Department management:
Control of timely service of heavy equipment and machinery (own, rental and subcontracting equipment)
Inspection of new equipment (technical condition), checking of documentation, making of new documentation(check-list, maintenance plant list, register of equipment)
Job description:
*Checking the quality of Machinery and Equipment (all mechanical, electrical or electronic ,fuel handling devices)
*Maintenance and repair of the Machinery and Equipment
*Assisting in to assembly the machinery and equipment in the area of use
*Making sure that the equipment and machinery are in good condition and it is always functional
*Keeping time sheets
*Managing the requisitions of new set of equipment and machinery(Planning)
*Managing of inspecting all the equipment to make an assurance that it is clean and functional, or if it needs any repair or to be replaced.
*Fuel supply of machinery and equipment.
*Repair of electrical hand tools
*Control of lift and hoist and control of technical condition
*Control of timely maintenance of lift and hoist
Fuad Valiyev(+99450)705-20-25
Training:High Voltage Certificate ( from 1000 Volt and more : 3,3 kV ; 6.6 kV ; 10kV/11kW ; 15kV ; 35kV)Date:11.05.2018
Training:Management Human Resource Technical Department:Engine Resource Management(mechanical technician,
motorman’s, electrician technician;basic mechanical and electrical equipment.Date: 27.04.2018
Training:Training in Advanced Fire-Fighting System.Date:16.04.2018

TCS – International Accredited Training Provider

Training:IOSH – Managing Safely(HSE) 2020
Training:ISO: International Organization for Standardization 2020
Training:Basic Fire Fighting 2020
Scheduling of maintenance checklist for equipment. Control the work of safety technicians.
I have  knowledge in electrical ,electrical engineering,  basic knowledge of the mechanics of experience in the office work (management) , Commissioning,Control the installation works,Construction work ,documents (Drawings).Test, inspection and control the electrical &  electrical-mechanical work.
Main Electrical ,Electronic & Mechanical System; EMDP; MDP; MCC;UPS system;Fire Alarm System(smoke detector;heat detector;gas detector;flasher;red button;siren;FA panel);CCTV; AHU; Chiller;Fancoil;Electronic Radio Navigation Systems ( Control installation, Commissioning and Testing ); DP(Dynamic Positioned ) system(DP-1,2,3);  Diesel Generator system;Control and check Drawings;  Main Single line Power System;Emergency Lighting system;Lighting system;Fire Fighting system (sprinkler system,hydrant, fire pump);Building & repairs offshore support vessels & tugboats: ROV-systems ;Motor-Generator ;Hydraulic Crane Systems;Drainage system,Water supply system.
 Best regards,
 Fuad Valiyev