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    I have experience:                *Construction companies;*Facility Maintenance companies;             *Offshore/Onshore – Oil & Gas Industry(Maintenance)*Shipping – Vessel Electrical Engineer *Shipbuilding-Electrical Engineer(Production)                             *Management on construction projects- heavy equipment;hoist/lift;diesel generators*Coordination of Maintenance Systems:Показать часть цитатыMain Electrical , Electronic & Mechanical System; EMDP; MDP; MCC;UPS system; Fire Alarm System(smoke detector; heat detector; gas detector; flasher; red button; siren; FA panel);Diesel Generator system; Lighting system; Lighting system; Fire Fighting system ;  Control installation; Commissioning and Test.Hydraulic system; Pneumatic system; Pump system;Ventilation system;Plumbing system;Crane system;Water supply system.Sewage system;Main Engine System , Bow Thruster , Main Thruster , Lifeboat system , Boiler system , Oil separator system , Fuel separator system, HVAC system.(electrical,mechanical,water supply,air ventilation,fire fighting system)Maintenance systems – (Electrical , Electronic,Electrical-Mechanical & Mechanical equipment) for  Business Center;Hotels;Shopping Center;Apartments of Building;Industrial base.Engineer (electrical department) Control the work and installation the cable tray ,cables (lv & hv),electrical panels ( MDP, MCC, EDP, MDB ), water pumps,fire fighting system pumps.Department management: Control of timely service of heavy equipment and machinery (own, rental and subcontracting equipment) Inspection of new equipment (technical condition), checking of documentation, making of new documentation(check-list, maintenance plant list, register of equipment) Job description: *Checking the quality of Machinery and Equipment (all mechanical, electrical or electronic ,fuel handling devices) *Maintenance and repair of the Machinery and Equipment *Assisting in to assembly the machinery and equipment in the area of use *Making sure that the equipment and machinery are in good condition and it is always functional *Keeping time sheets *Managing the requisitions of new set of equipment and machinery(Planning) *Managing of inspecting all the equipment to make an assurance that it is clean and functional, or if it needs any repair or to be replaced. *Fuel supply of machinery and equipment. *Repair of electrical hand tools *Control of lift and hoist and control of technical condition*Control of timely maintenance of lift and hoistFuad Valiyev(+99450)705-20-25Training:High Voltage Certificate ( from 1000 Volt and more : 3,3 kV ; 6.6 kV ; 10kV/11kW ; 15kV ; 35kV)Date:11.05.2018Training:Management Human Resource Technical Department:Engine Resource Management(mechanical technician, motorman’s, electrician technician;basic mechanical and electrical equipment.Date: 27.04.2018Training:Training in Advanced Fire-Fighting System.Date:16.04.2018TCS – International Accredited Training ProviderTraining:IOSH – Managing Safely(HSE) 2020Training:ISO: International Organization for Standardization 2020 ISO:45001 ISO:9001 ISO:19011 ISO:14001Training:Basic Fire Fighting 2020Scheduling of maintenance checklist for equipment. Control the work of safety technicians.I have  knowledge in electrical ,electrical engineering,  basic knowledge of the mechanics of experience in the office work (management) , Commissioning,Control the installation works,Construction work ,documents (Drawings).Test, inspection and control the electrical &  electrical-mechanical work.Main Electrical ,Electronic & Mechanical System; EMDP; MDP; MCC;UPS system;Fire Alarm System(smoke detector;heat detector;gas detector;flasher;red button;siren;FA panel);CCTV; AHU; Chiller;Fancoil;Electronic Radio Navigation Systems ( Control installation, Commissioning and Testing ); DP(Dynamic Positioned ) system(DP-1,2,3);  Diesel Generator system;Control and check Drawings;  Main Single line Power System;Emergency Lighting system;Lighting system;Fire Fighting system (sprinkler system,hydrant, fire pump);Building & repairs offshore support vessels & tugboats: ROV-systems ;Motor-Generator ;Hydraulic Crane Systems;Drainage system,Water supply system. Best regards, Fuad Valiyev(+99450)705-20-25