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About me

I studied Industry Organization and Management in Azerbaijan State University of Economics during 2014-2018. I believe that learning all kinds of science could let me think in different directions, thus help my career of becoming a manager. During my bachelor years I prepared a lot of projects, one of my successful projects is “Azerbaijan Creative Industries form Invest Me” which gave me championship as a researcher. Later on, I obtained a master’s degree in International Management in 2018 at the Ca’ Foscari University of Venice. Venice where I had real good opportunity to experience the advance studies in the field of Management. My studies in Ca’ Foscari University as a master student and working on different projects have given me a large set of practical skills. The need for the field of administration is increasing more and more every day, during the lessons and activities that I have met with the managers of different businesses and gained new knowledge about the challenges they face in their careers and their solutions have guided me well in practical terms.

  I have attended several internship programs that is related with my profession. During the bachelor, I have practiced in Ministry of Finance as “budget manager”. It was a challenge for me, because I have not much experience as financial analyst but I managed to learn the experimental skills within a few months. Working in some companies has increased my ability to research, analyze and present key components of decision-making process. It includes analyzing, justifying and presenting organizational decision-making process in changing or reinventing a business process and strategy. In addition, I learned more about working together with the group and develop my skills, which are the key factors in my specialty field. Also, I want to emphasize that I have the ability to work on statistical data as it relates to my field. I have learned some applications like Stata, Mini Tab and others to fully apply this capability to my field.